Tuesday, July 22, 2008

1974 Ford Taunus 2000GXL Custom

This formerly gray 1974 Ford Taunus has been...customized...a bit.

Part of the idea of "customizing" a car is to make something unique, that no one else has. And if you do this to a car, you're pretty well assured that no one else is going to make a mockery of a Taunus in the same way.

Sadly, though, the front end does remind me a little of the new Chevrolet Camaro concept. Scary stuff...

GNU FDL photos by Liftarn at Wikimedia Commons

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chevrolet Cavalier Custom

Based on a quick peek at the car's interior, it seemed to have started life as a late 90's Chevrolet Cavalier. Note that the taillights, though, are not even close to the shape of Cavalier lights, they look to me to be from the newest generation Toyota Celica. And it's got quite a nose job, creating those little triangular taillights without the side markers cutting into the fenders as they do on the stock Cavie. That all looks like custom bodywork, and unless they did it themselves it cost them a pretty penny. What's sad to think is that for all that money, they could have spared themselves the time and trouble of turning a poorly designed Chevrolet into a Toyota Celica clone and gotten themselves an actual Toyota Celica, which is a much better car!